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Virtual Dave…Real Blog » Blog Archive » Radical 

How can we expect radical positive change in our communities, to make this a better place to be, if we are not willing to accept that change ourselves.  To be a librarian is to be a radical! and to be a radical is to change the world. and I know we can do it Virtual …

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Boots on the Ground . . . 

according to this article in the Atlantic SXSW 2011 is choc full of Librarians and information professionals. It's a short article and worth the read if not only for this great quote from Justin Grimes (PhD cand. U. of Maryland) "Librarians are the boots on the ground," Grimes told me. "We don't care what the …

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The Power of Placement 

As many librarians learn in school, you can get rid of a book without removing it from your library.  A "pocket weeding" if you will.  This usually means placing it in a section of the library away from it's subject heading brothers, as well as the prying eyes of the browsing public (i.e. a section …

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Publishing Panic 

OK, so my last post about DRM briefly touched upon Academic Publishing.  I attended the Bloomsbury Conference and Academic Publishing Course offered by my school at UCL last summer and we talked about the current issues at length.   Basically, publishing is broke.  Under the old, print model, a small journal, like "Impacted Molars Quarterly" …

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