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ACRL 2011: Day 3 Ivory Towers, Knives, and Clinton Kelly 

(Shelf Reader app presented By Dr. Bo Brickman) (more…)

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ACRL 2011: Day 2 Assessment, Succession and Global Thinking 

The second day I got a bit more choosey. This being my first big library conference I went in wanting to see, hear and talk about everything with everyone else who was there. Two session highlights: Assessment: Evolution or Revolution? Strategies for Demonstrating the Library's Impact in a New World of Assessment (twitter: #revorevacrl2011) Megan …

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Well first things first we presented our poster and received a ton of compliments on the design (thanks Gonzalo!!!!).  The biggest questions we got was "how is this different from an institutional repository?" which tells me that next time we need to make a little more clear that Pressible is a blogging network more than …

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