On Living with eGuilt

| January 24, 2011

Like this author, I have difficulty returning materials to the library on time and have not found the possession of an MLIS to have changed that behavior much. I also find that my e-reader reading is “less serious”, or repeat reads of classics which often is just fine for the commute. Reading heavier books in public can sometimes cause me to have emotional space confusion where i’m very caught up in the complexities of what I’m reading so I may over react to the guy standing in front of the doors as they open.

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by Laura Costello.

I need to make an e-confession: NYPL revoked my borrowing privileges. As a newly minted librarian and outspoken fan of public libraries in all forms, I’m horrified and extremely embarrassed. Naturally, I’m writing about it on the internet.  Here are my excuses: 1. It’s kind of out of my way, they don’t have a night …