| April 8, 2011

Inspired by Courtney Young’s My Workplace Wellness post, I thought I’d deviate from my normal discussions on this blog and talk about insomnia. I have never been a “good sleeper” and often suffer from the “insomnia cycle” where you can’t sleep one night so you up the coffee, then you can’t sleep the next night because you’re so caffeinated.

There are some obvious negatives here with lack of sleep. You’re tired, you’re jumpy, you’re a bit slow witted. More than any of this is the stress that goes along with it. Suddenly you HAVE to sleep. Not in the sense that physically you need to (though that’s true) but mentally, being asleep is now something to be accomplished something you are actively pursuing when that kind of thinking can’t work. Sleeping can only happen when you let yourself slip away a little bit. It’s like Lenny in Of Mice and Men, you can’t squeeze the idea of sleep too hard, you have to trick it into existence. My most recent tactic involves watching TV, which is a terrible idea because the light actually keeps you awake longer. But essentially you need to find something where you can be like “ok sleep, I don’t even care what you do, I’m just going to be over here, paying no attention to you.” and then before you know it your alarm goes off and you’re rubbing the book crease out of your cheek!