Boo{…}oom: Photo Attribution

| August 23, 2011

one of my favorite things about the internet is the ability to create simple solutions for small problems, specificity I guess. One of my favorite examples of this is LibX which connects your browser to your school’s library catalog. There are a lot of efforts being made without a team of developers, using tools which are readily available online.

One of the biggest ongoing issues on the internet is forcibly orphaned photos, or photos with no attribution origin. From a research perspective, there’s no way to attribute the image for their sake, or verify the context of the image for your sake. The Booooooom Tumblr is attempting to track down information for images found on the internet gaining both attribution and metadata for the image.

So on the right we have and image without information
about the photographer, the camera
or even what this image is of, or where it was taken.

Below you’ll see the solution to this.

An appropriate use of crowd-sourcing for identification purposes. The information is likely verified by the author of the Tumblr (like the comments on the Library of Congress Flickr, check comment #2!)

What a cool idea for photo attribution solution!

Interesting Photo metadata bits: