and it SPARQLZ like the sun

| August 13, 2010

I’m really looking forward to getting to actually try this out.   A coworker of mine was talking to me about this recently, how the first wave of the web was receiving content, the second wave was contributing content, and the next wave will be the editing, or limiting of access to content.  SPARQLZ might just be that thing.  As defined by Read Write Web “aimed to provide a graphical user interface for everyday users to assemble, edit, share and mash-up modular, persistent, real-time searches across the web of Linked Data.”(link to full review).   I won’t reiterate the review, you should just read it.  The part I find the most compelling is the user interface, because I think they’ve made an EXCEPTIONAL choice in clarifying a lot of things quickly and easily. *caveat: I haven’t used the service, (though I’ve signed up), so I’m going on the images in the RWW review.

As you can see, they lead you along with subjects, while simultaneously allowing you to create SPARQLs on your own.  Those Read Write Web doesn’t think this has much of a chance for mainstream usage, I think things like this, or a future version will be very useful and well used.  What with all of this hub bub about “information overload” (Which Clay Shirky accurately describes as “filter failure” in his WebExpo talk), the mad lib approach to your initial query.  You’re giving people a way to “See how it works” a real world walk through where they aren’t watching a video with panning and scanning screen shots and “jazzy” music in the background.

Anyway, I’m all signed up for the Beta, whenever they choose to release it.  Stay Tuned, as soon as I know more, or get to use it, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me!