Well first things first we presented our poster and received a ton of compliments on the design (thanks Gonzalo!!!!).  The biggest questions we got was “how is this different from an institutional repository?” which tells me that next time we need to make a little more clear that Pressible is a blogging network more than a network of journals.

Other highlights:


  • NYU has been doing SMS reference and found quite a bit of success. Not only has it improved access and staved off a bit of library anxiety, but they are able to do longitudinal reference and research support for patrons because the platform saves the whole text conversation. No librarian has to start from scratch.

Info Literacy:

  • CUNY Hunter is doing a lot of interesting projects in assessment.  The most recent being using the creation of podcasts narrating the research process as a means to evaluate knowledge gain in info literacy classes.
  • Glendale Community College has started holding intersession conference like training sessions for their faculty (calling it “spa for the brain”) to (re) introduce them to library services and resources. They’ve had quite a positive response and found that this makes the professor’s more effective in research support and guidance in the classroom.


Raj Patel spoke about . . . well more things than I could possibly summarize in this blog post.  I will say I found his talk very motivating.

I’ve also been tweeting through this whole thing so if you’re interested in any of the random things that have occurred to me throughout the sessions, check me out: @JuliaWM