1922 KodaChrome Color Test Kodak

| August 24, 2010

I’m posting this mostly because I think it’s beautiful. It also allows me to segue into how great I think the internet is for special collections. It’s really interesting how the women are posing as if for a still photo, and then moving around after encouragement. There are so many rare objects available to us for viewing, whether for academic purposes or sheer curiosity, which would have required presence, likely at a special location.
The Library of Congress flickr is another great example of this. I’m sure I’ve talked about them before in terms of tagging, but they have also made available hundreds of photos creating a really exceptional and rich online collection.
The Anthology Film Archives (if you’re in NYC, they have frequent screenings of gems from their collections CALENDAR) provides a little sampling of some of their videos on their website, as well as interviews with influential film makers and artists.